About Us

Signs are just that, a sign of the times.  This sign has come down off the wall of a warm and friendly home away from home, not just for myself but for so many who came to Sip, Knit..  18 years have gone by so quickly.  The brick and mortar may no longer exist but all those great memories are stored in my heart.

That brings us to a new day and a new phase in my  life and a new beginning.  I am as excited to be starting this adventure with you as I was the day I first named Sip & Knit and my dream became real.  

I look forward to hearing from all of you.  I want you to share your creations from our Fabulous Yarns and what exciting things happened to you while you were wrapped in our Elegant Hand Knits !

Next time I will introduce you to the "man" in my life.

Sip & Knit till next time.

I will also be doing the same to bring you exciting new fiber art.